Testimonial Disclaimer

These testimonials have been gratefully written for Charles by his clients, the results are 100% true, the clients are real and therefore their full identities cannot be disclosed. The same level of results achieved by these clients can not be guaranteed to all, your co-operation, commitment and honesty in sessions will gain greater results.

These clients attended sessions of Hypnosis, NLP and Hypno Wellness Therapy to achieve results that they had considered impossible, some of the conditions presented in these testimonials had been with the clients for many years... And after treatment the conditions are now completely gone or greatly improved.

Hypnotherapy, NLP and Hypno Wellness Therapy have been proven in clinic sessions to be beneficial and highly effective at helping people achieve and experience rapid personal growth and move toward personal success and happiness. 

Perhaps you have already heard about successful Hypnotherapy treatments from your caring friends or family members who have already benefited from working with Charles in sessions to resolve their own challenges?  

Dear Charles, 

I want to thank you for helping me through my anxiety issues. I can't believe how much better I feel after working with you over a couple of sessions.

Prior to seeing you, I was an anxious wreck, constantly allowing situations out of my control bother me to the extent that I could not sleep or eat, causing me to struggle to live a normal everyday life. 

Your sessions taught me a great deal, ranging from coping strategies to certain things about myself I had no idea were affecting me.

I can't thank you enough for taking the time to see me, I can't believe the difference in my moods, in my thinking - the difference of life in general!


Dam K - Anxiety and Depression

Dear Charles,

Firstly thank you for seeing me last night..when you rang to confirm the appointment time yesterday morning-my first thoughts were basically that I realized how much I had pinned my hopes of a change in me and my behaviors on this session and I tipped that wine down the sink. So I do thank you for accepting to see me after all.

I have to say it is now 3pm while I am typing this email...I did think about wine however … I thought of it in a way that it was something I used to do, and I can safely say I have no need / want or intention on picking up a glass of wine or any other alcoholic drink, I feel happy and confident and relieved all at the same time, once I finish this email I will take some time with my candle and relax as you taught me, and call this time [4 O'clock[ "me" O'clock!

My hubby and I just loaded his van with a box of wine to give as gifts to his staff and clients-and I was very happy about that too-in fact I helped him do it... and pick the nice stuff.

Thank you for giving me the peace and calm within that I haven't felt for a very long time.

Cathy - Alcohol Issue Hypnotherapy Session

Hello Charles,

Before coming to you I felt very alone, confused and had lost all confidence in myself.  I had been caught up in this vicious cycle of what I thought was self sabotage for the last three years.  But you changed all that firstly by pointing out that it wasn’t self sabotage at all, it was actually that I didn't know what to do next.

I have put in place the strategies you outlined and I’m finding that everything is just falling into place now. I am now able to detox my body and no longer feel any sort of inner conflict.  As a result my health has improved dramatically; I have regained my confidence, focus and clarity.

Thanks to you I know exactly where I’m going and how I’m going to get there! I must say your commitment to my wellness was outstanding, I was pleasantly surprised to learn you had researched my fibromyalgia syndrome to give yourself a better understanding of what I was dealing wit,h and it's of great comfort to know that even though I do no longer need to see you I can email you any time.

Thank-you Thank-you Thank-you Charles you have given me my life and sanity back!!!

Melissa - Fibromyalgia Syndrome Client

Dear Charles,

A month ago I received an email response from you ... what really caught my eye was the hypnosis services you offered particularly hypnosis for phobias.  I have been scared (petrified) of birds for as long as I could remember, all birds, canaries, emus, pigeons, seagulls, chickens, anything with feathers.

I have been so scared that I would run off leaving my children to fend for them selves while I had my panic attacks.  I took my little girl into St Kilda for lunch a while ago and was so embarrassed when I had to run out of the café as the pigeons were getting too close, I knew then that I had to do something about this phobia, but I had no idea what until I saw your email.

...2 hours later [after the session] and I wondered did that really work? I don’t feel any different… 2 days later and I walked through a park in St Kilda between the pigeons and the seagulls and I knew something had changed… 2 weeks later and I went to a farm with my children, I had photos taken in front of the chicken coup, then I got daring and walked amongst the chickens.

Now a month later and I visited Sydney, I had coffee on the wharf with pigeons and seagulls all around me, took a close up of a pelican in the Toronga zoo and snapped the little birds perched near my feet….This is a huge step for me!!

For the first time in 35 years, my heart wasn’t racing, there were no panic attacks, I did not run off crying and shaking, I held the hands of my children while birds flew and frolicked around us.  My family and I are so thrilled with the results of this hypnosis and cannot thank you enough for the time and attention you put into researching and understanding MY phobia.

Thank you Charles.

Debbie T - Bird Phobia (Ornithophobia) Client

Hi Charles,
Following on from our sessions I have found myself to be a great deal more relaxed, with a much more confident outlook on life.  I have found myself to be much more calm, confident and relaxed in social situations which is exactly how I used to be a long time ago.

Last Friday night for example, I went out for dinner with a group of colleagues from the University and found myself to be the center of attention for a good portion of the meal.  Now normally I would deflect the conversation and attention, but everybody seemed to be laughing at my humor as well as being genuinely interested in me as a person.  As you know I am quite sensitive to people's moods etc, and am very conscious not to be a crashing bore, so I can honestly say I did not feel this to be the case, and it was a genuinely fun time!

I feel very grateful to you for all that you have achieved with me, so thank you!  ... you have helped me more than you will know!
Hope all is well with you,

Michael E. - Self Confidence - Self Esteem

Hi Charles,

I really wanted to thank you for our session yesterday.  I knew something was different last night when I walked around the night market feeling as light as a feather.  I have sat for days at my computer trying to write this training manual and I have only been able to write one clear page of 'muck' along with many good coffee interruptions!

Today, my writing just flowed and my technical capabilities returned.  I actually have a scientific vocabulary!!  I can’t tell you how good it felt to be able to write again without the cloudy mind, lack of enthusiasm and inability to absorb any information.

…I tried so hard over the years to just forget it or find a way to be at peace and this is the first time I feel free and I'm not scared to be free. Thank you so much for helping me to be me again.  I think with time I am going to understand what it really means to forgive and let go.
Many thanks,

Violetta A - Relationship Issues - Holding onto Negative Emotions

Dear Charles,

It's amazing to think it's only been 5 and a 1/2 weeks since I came to see you about my fish and seafood phobia. Prior to seeing you, I couldn't physically put any sort of fish or seafood into my mouth - not even 'fish fingers'!  Sitting alongside people while they ate seafood was also particularly off-putting and would stop me enjoying my own meal.  There were definitely no kisses for my husband after he'd eaten any!! ...I used to joke that the only way I would ever eat seafood was if I was hypnotized - which is why I came to see you.  It has been more successful than I ever thought.

I have since eaten the following: Flake, Blue Eye Fillet, Snapper, Salmon, Raw Tuna and Salmon, Caviar, Prawns, Scallops, Calamari and even Crab ... It's just amazing to think I can now turn up to events and not have to worry about what is put in front of me - it's all just food after all.

Once again, thank you for all of your help and the follow up calls/text messages.  It's all been really helpful.  My husband and friends have all been blown away with the results and can't believe how I just eat the seafood now.

Lisa W - Fish and Seafood Phobia

Dear Charles,

I have been overweight since I was a child, which I put down to being bullied all through school. I was a yo-yo dieter and tried many diets over the years, none of which I was able to stick to.
I decided that as I was turning 60 this year that it was time to do something about my weight... I’d heard about Weight Loss hypnosis and Virtual Gastric Banding so looked it up on the internet and discovered your rooms were nearby.

I was amazed at how after the first session it started to work. I found I could not finish my meals as I was full. I was also feeling more positive, enthusiastic & energetic...Since the 1st hypnosis session I have been losing weight each week which is fantastic. Even though I have finished the sessions, it is reassuring to know that I still have your support if I need it.

I find it comforting that you are interested to know how I do in the future. I would like to thank you for your encouragement, and for helping me to refocus on what I can eat and not what I can’t eat, and gain the confidence to know that I can achieve my goal to be “slim & sexy” for my 60th later in the year. I am looking forward to showing off my new figure in a slim dress, dance the night away at my party and actually enjoying having my photo taken instead of hiding.

Thank you again Charles for giving me back my life, my positive attitude and the confidence to know I CAN achieve this.
Barbara S - Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis Weight Loss Program

Note: Barbara also incorporated healthy food choices and an exercise program and her local fitness center to achieve a holistic Mind and Body success.  These are included as Hypnotic suggestions.