Has gambling become a problem rather than casual fun and is now taking over your life adversely?

Are you getting into debt and cheating on the people you love or work colleagues?   Gambling Addiction is a habit that affects both men and women indiscriminately. 

Melbourne Hypnotherapy specialist Charles Vella provides effective stop Gambling Hypnosis sessions to help you break your gambling habit and get your life back on track, get help today call Charles on 0418 848 121.

The thrill of gambling, just like any other habit, creates a natural high that can become addictive. It can take you away from the realities of life and shift your focus away from what needs to be done on a day to day basis, so real life starts to pass you by while the mayhem of your gambling addiction takes over. Too much time spent gambling can lead to relationship breakdowns, loss of important friendships and in some cases, loss of employment.

Gambling addiction and even internet gambling addiction can be treated successfully through Quit gambling addiction Hypnotherapy and NLP in the same way as other addictions. Because our habits and addictions are stored in the ‘unconscious’, trying to change a habit and addiction ourselves through 'will power' alone, very rarely works. 

How to STOP Gambling?

Hypnotherapy is an extremely effective treatment as it works with the 'unconscious' part of the mind, where the gambling addiction is driven from; therefore, making a change here, on a deeper level can create a permanent change and make quitting gambling easier.

Now... imagine how great your life could be if you stopped gambling. Imagine the pride you will feel when you overcome this habit successfully and the renewed sense of trust and respect from others around you.

Gambling  Addiction  Hypnotherapy  &  Gambling  Addiction  NLP  help  you  by:

  • Changing the impulses that lead to gambling addiction by identifying the root cause of the
    compulsive habit
  • Increase 'unconscious' as well as cognitive understanding of the ways in which gambling is
    destructive to your life
  • Move you towards better and healthier ways of obtaining that feeling of energy or calm you
    used to get from gambling
  • Enabling you let go of this unwanted behavior and channel your energies into more positive
    and productive activities

Most clients have benefited on average from attending their first two sessions and stopped gambling, other clients may gain more benefit from attending 2 to 4 Gambling Addiction Hypnotherapy sessions weekly.

Would you like to meet with Charles in person to discuss your condition and how Hypnotherapy can help you?  One hour in office person to person assessment consultation is only $50. If you decide to go ahead this will be deducted from your first session fee.

Would you like to decide if Hypnotherapy is what you’re looking for before you pay for a full price session? It is possible..!  To contact Charles call on  0418 848 121  to request a session or use our contact form to send Charles an email. 


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