What is Hypno Wellness Therapy?

Hypno Wellness Therapy is an integration of many clinical proven therapy techniques including and not limited to Hypnosis (Mind-focused) and Meridian energy (Body-emotional). Charles Vella discovered that each of these techniques works well in addressing issues yet individually negated the mind body connection.  Physical Illnesses and psychosomatic conditions respond best to Mind and Body therapy techniques holistically.   

Hypno Wellness Therapy has been developed by Charles Vella during years of clinical practice. Working  with clients who have presented with physical illness conditions which have not responded to typical medical treatments, conditions such as IBS, stomach conditions, other bowel conditions, headaches and migraines, fibromyalgia, thrush, eczema and psoriasis, OCD behavioral conditions, asthma and other bronchial breathing conditions, tinnitus, insomnia, phantom pain, sexual performance issues and or pregnancy issues and more.  

These physical illnesses also at times are unexplained as to what the cause is, Charles Vella works with clients to identify what emotional events or shock conflicts may have occurred to start the dis-ease or psychosomatic illness.

Hypno Wellness Therapy as developed by Charles Vella is proven to be highly effective and beneficial in helping clients experience rapid personal health improvement, pain management and sense of calm and wellness. Hypno Wellness Therapy is not a replacement for your current medical treatments and should be used as an allied treatment; always work in with your doctor or Medical specialist.

How can Charles help you?

By using Hypno Wellness Therapy, Charles Vella can help you get through uncomfortable side effects of medical treatments, improve the quality of your life during treatments and help you relax while working in with your medical professionals.

Charles Works on the healthy mind – healthy body principal, a person’s limiting beliefs determines their ability to heal from treatments and or heal their conditions which are resisting medical support. Traumatic personal life events carry significant negative emotions such as anger, sadness, fear or guilt and these emotions can become toxic to the body and its own natural healing ability. 

Negative emotional states lead to negative behaviors, and those behaviors compromise your health and your happiness. Working together in altering these limiting beliefs and releasing negative emotions, release the significance of those emotions that impact your behaviors and health, and help you experience a greater personal quality of life and happiness as you resolve your past.

Hypno Wellness Therapy can help you to:

Charles Vella can assist you to successfully achieve the positive changes and outcomes you want in your life.

Would you like to meet with Charles in person to discuss your condition and how Hypno Wellness Therapy can help you?

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