Melbourne clinical hypnotherapist and Hypno Wellness Therapist Charles Vella established his Melbourne Hypnotherapy practice to provide an alternative solution for clients seeking to achieve their personal best and improve the quality of their lives.

Charles provides a secure, friendly and professional environment,
free from judgment or opinion to help clients resolve any conditions they are finding difficult to overcome themselves. What makes Charles different in his approach is he holds a strong belief in his clients, that they have the capability to overcome their problems naturally and with this belief system in place, change is often rapid and positive.

Charles believes his style of Hypno Wellness Therapy provides effective change and freedom from habits, phobias and detrimental behaviors.  At Hypnotherapy Melbourne the approach is understanding, friendly and warm coupled with exceptionally high standards.

Charles has treated literally hundreds of clients over the years and has provided hypnotherapy for clients wanting to lose excess weight, hypnotherapy and NLP for eating disorders, life coaching and hypnosis for confidence, he has helped people conquer their phobias, finally quit smoking, take control over their unwanted addictions and helped clients with relationship problems plus much more.

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To contact Charles call on  0418 848 121  to request a session or use our contact form to send Charles an email. 

Qualifications & Training:

- Certified Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist
- Advanced Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy 
- Certified Practitioner of NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming
- Certified Energetic Hypnotist in Mesmeric Hypnosis 
- Certified Hypno Coaching practitioner 

  Medical Register of Australia
- Diploma in Health Counseling
- Certificate in Medical Terminology 

- Certified Matrix Re imprinting practitioner
- Certified Advanced EFT practitioner

  Help For Health - I.M.M.A
- Certificate of Excellence
  META Medicine practitioner

  Registered Training Australia
- Diploma in Life Coaching

Personal Development Training:

  Landmark Education Australia
- Life transformation techniques 
- Communication techniques
- Performance techniques
  First AID Certified
- First AID Level 2

Professional Memberships:

  Australian Hypnotherapists Association 
- Clinical Member AHA: CM1112537

  National Hypnotherapists Register Australia
- Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist N.H.R.A

  Australian Institute of Life Coaches
- Qualified Professional Member 

  Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques
- A.A.M.E.T member No: 1211020

  Working with children Certified
- Working with Children security checked & cleared